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What's Your Signature Nail Shade?

Everyone should have one (yes, even you). Take this quiz to find yours

You have a trademark scent, a go-to hairstyle, and a makeup look you know flatters your face. Only thing missing: a signature nail shade. And no, I'm not joking.

Nonie Creme, creator of the butter LONDON nail polish line, says everyone should have a go-to nail polish color that's "them." (Hers, in case you were curious, is Union Jack Black by butter LONDON.) It's a way to make your mark, and feel like yourself even if the rest of your ensemble isn't quite right.

However, if you're like me, you hardly wear the same nail polish shade twice. So how are you supposed to know which nail polish color should be your signature?

Uh, you take this quiz. Obviously. But you knew that, right?

By answering these questions about your personality, you'll be able to nail down (ha!) the exact polish color you should wear when you want to feel like "you." Because, as you may have guessed, every nail polish shade says something about your personality. To find your match, and see what it says about you, just start answering questions below. Plus, at the end you'll also get some must-know nail tips from Creme and other nail experts. Psyched yet?

by Sarah Carrillo
What's Your Signature Nail Shade?
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A woman cuts in front of you at Starbucks. What do you do?

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