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Who's Your Dude Hair Crush?

Take this quiz to see which rock star's hair you most want to run your fingers through

Alright ladies, hypothetical question: could you imagine meeting a guy at Starbucks and after your first date gushing to your girlfriends how hot his "I haven't showered in a week hair" was? Gross.

So why is it that dirty, disheveled hair looks so sexy belting out rock ballads on stage? There are rules of attraction that just don't seem to apply to rockstars, we don't get it but hey, we're not going to deny it.

Ever wondered which scruffy rocker would be right up your alley? Answer these questions to see which rock star's hair, that you might have never noticed, now has you wanting to manhandle it.

Then, based on your answers you'll get the inside scoop on show-stopping looks that might just make you his next muse. First step, makeover your look to stop him in his tracks. Second step, formulate a needlessly complicated plan to sneak backstage and surprise him in his dressing room. Third step, call your BFF and hope that she has cash on hand for bail. It's foolproof.

Image: Getty Images

by Anna Jimenez
Who's Your Dude Hair Crush?
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