Coolest Underground Beauty Brands

These underground beauty brands may not be your usual go-tos -- but they should be. See why now

Coolest Underground Beauty Brands

You know when you discover a new band and part of you hopes they don’t become popular? It’s like a special secret that puts you ahead of the curve. And while everyone else is still listening to last month’s music find, you get to soak up all that new sound, and be the first to introduce it to all your friends. Well, we feel that way about makeup. We love it when we discover awesome, underground beauty brands.

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And even though we’d like to keep these under-the-radar brands a secret forever, it’s kind of our job to spread the love. Sigh. (OK, and we wouldn’t mind if these brands got more successful ’cause we really believe in them.) So, we decided to give you the scoop on all the cool makeup brands you’ve never heard of … yet. Along with our own favorites, we got some insider info from celebrity makeup artists Fiona Stiles and Sabrina Mae, who are on the cutting edge of everything makeup.

Not only did they give us the rundown of the coolest underground beauty brands, but they also steered us in the right direction when it comes to choosing the best products out of the lines, and getting started with these lesser-known labels, like Koh Gen Doh, Inglot, Jouer, and many more. Even better? Once you’re done with our roundup, you’ll be the go-to beauty expert in your group of friends.

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  • Ashley Morgan

    Two makeup brands that I love are Lime Crime and Mattify Cosmetics. Lime has some amazing lip colors and they’re the only ones I can find that last all day. They used to have good eye makeup, but lately I can’t find any on their website. Mattify is the maker of the world’s best face powder. I swear, after a whole decade of looking for something that would keep my oily face matte, I finally found their Ultra powder. It keeps the oilies away for almost half a day, which is a small miracle for me. They have good eye makeup too and it’s really long lasting.

  • Rachel Boese

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