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Your Call: Lady Gaga or Madonna?

Can you tell the two apart? Take this quiz to find out

Anyone who has listened to "Born This Way" knows that Lady Gaga and Madonna have a lot in common. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go download and listen to "Express Yourself" by Madonna and come back here. It's OK; I'll wait.)

In fact, these two music icons are so much alike that sometimes we can't tell them apart. From similar style moves to the outrageous things they say during interviews -- it's almost like they're the same person.

So then we thought: Why not test ourselves and see if we can distinguish the nuance of a Lady Gaga vs. Madonna sound bite or determine just who wore those thigh-high boots?

Scroll down to start taking the Lady Gaga vs. Madonna quiz.

And so, like Lady Gaga emerging from the egg she supposedly lived in for three days before the Grammys, this quiz was born. Or ... not, since that sounds kind of gross.

Anyway now you can take a guess at who said what and who wore what and see just how well you know your attention-getting divas. It's fun and you might just learn something new about your favorite singers -- Lady Gaga and Madonna are your favorites, aren't they? Well, even if they're not, you can still take this awesome quiz, I won't stop you.

Scroll down to start taking the Lady Gaga vs. Madonna quiz.

by Sarah Carrillo and Audrey Fine
Your Call: Lady Gaga or Madonna?
Question 1 of 16

Who said that she's "fascinated -- and this might sound a bit morbid -- by famous movie stars who died tragically."

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