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Father's Day Gift Idea: Cologne

Your dad has enough ties already, so get him a gift he'll actually like for Father's Day

Going out of your mind trying to buy something for a guy who has everything? Yep, Father's Day must be here. Luckily, we've got Father's Day gift ideas for every type of dad. Your go-to gift this year: men's cologne. Trust us, it's better than that bacon-of-the-month club you were thinking about (well, better for his arteries at least).

So how do you find the right men's cologne for Father's Day? Just take this quiz. Tell us a little about your dad and we'll point you towards cologne he'll be thrilled to open on Father's Day (pretty sure your mom will be psyched too).

Not sure if your father is a cologne-wearing type? Well, maybe that's because no one has ever bought him one that he liked enough to actually use. That's where you (and this quiz) come in. Once you've matched the fragrance with his personality, this will be one Father's Day gift he won't forget. In fact, he'll get a reminder of what an awesome kid you are every morning when he spritzes his cologne, awwww.

So take this quiz with your dad in mind before you head out to buy his Father's Day gift this year. It's the perfect way to thank him for all those times he played catch with you (even though you threw like a girl), fixed up your car, sat through "The Little Mermaid," and taught you the right way to grill a steak. And OK, if you throw in the bacon-of-the-month club as a bonus Father's Day gift, we won't judge -- and yeah, he'll probably be pretty thrilled.

by Sarah Carrillo
Father's Day Gift Idea: Cologne
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What's the best thing your dad taught you?

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