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Find Your Makeup Brand Match

Take this quiz to see which line would make you their spokesperson

You know how some people are "Coke people" and others are "Pepsi people"? Personally, we're fans of anything that delivers caffeine into our systems, but our point is that most of us are just drawn to certain brands.

Take makeup. You may have dozens of products in your bag, everything from a Wet n Wild eyeshadow to a Dior lipstick, but we're betting there are a few that you just loooove, and can't even explain why. Well, we've got a little newsflash for ya: you've found your makeup brand match.

Still not sure what yours is? No worries, just take this quiz. We'll show you the perfect makeup brand for your style and personality. The one that would put you in all their commercials, if, you know, you were famous.

by Charli Schuler
Find Your Makeup Brand Match
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You have five minutes to dress up your office look for happy hour. You:

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