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Quiz: What's Your Signature Lip Look?

Gloss or matte? Bold or understated? When it comes to your lips, do you have a signature style that matches your personality?

When you head to the makeup counter, how do you decide what lipstick to buy? Your skin tone? The latest trend? While those are all great, we have one more we'd like to add ... your personality. Yup. Bet you haven't thought of that as one of the main factors to perfect your signature lip look.

What's a signature lip look? It's a lip style that defines you and expresses your inner self. Plus, it's a must-have for every woman, kinda like a favorite brand of tampon. Think about it -- Gwen Stefani's got her bold red lips; Nicki Minaj has fun with neon; and Angelina Jolie goes for nudes. It's kind of hard to separate these ladies from their lips, and in turn these lips say so much about the lady in question. Does anyone doubt Gwen's confidence or Angelina's natural beauty? Not us.

To help you uncover your signature lip look, we turned to Lijah Stewart, head makeup artist at Makeup Forever in Beverly Hills, Calif. Not only did she share her lipstick knowledge with us, but she also weighed in on the personalities behind the shades. Together, we devised this little quiz to get to the bottom of your personality, and ultimately your signature lip look. All you have to do is answer a few questions, gather up some dough, and hit the mall. But, first things first. Question number one, please ...

by Alexis Finc
Quiz: What's Your Signature Lip Look?
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