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'The Five-Year' Engagement Film Giveaway

Enter for your chance to win some great beauty prizes and merchandise from the romantic comedy 'The Five-Year Engagement'

'The Five-Year' Engagement Film Giveaway
Anyone else excited about "The Five-Year Engagement"? Starring Jason Segel and Emily Blunt, the movie is about an engaged couple who keeps getting tripped up on the long walk down the aisle. In honor of the movie's opening on April 27th, we're having an amazing giveaway:

The prize: One winner will receive the following "The Five-Year Engagement" film giveaway ($120 value):

Five-Year Engagement Merchandise
Essie Wedding Collection Nail Polish
Stila Happily Ever After Beauty Palette

To enter: All you have to do to enter for your chance to win is leave a comment below with your name and email address. Or you can also click here to enter on our Facebook page.

The deadline: This contest will run from Monday, April 23rd to Friday, April 27th. We will pick the winner at 12 p.m. on Friday, April 27th. Good luck! (US only)

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