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What Twilight Character Are You?

The third Twilight movie "Eclipse" is hitting the big screen. Find out which character's part you could totally play! Who knows? Maybe you're just like Bella Swan or Alice Cullen

"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse." It's what we've ALL been waiting for. Whether you're on Team Edward Cullen or Team Jacob Black, you can't deny how freaking excited you are for the release of the third Twilight movie.

"Eclipse" is all about Bella's choice between the vampire love of her life and werewolf best friend. The gang of humans, vampires and werewolves is finally growing up and learning what love, loss and revenge really look like in the world of Forks. (We seriously can't describe how awesome this third installment looks on the big screen!)

So what's your favorite thing about Twilight? You might like the danger that's always lurking in the background. Or you're just a sucker for the romantic affairs. But guess what? The thing that really makes the movie so great are ... the characters. They're just so personable and relatable. You always find yourself attracted to one character, right? That's because she reminds you of, well, you!

Are you a hopeless romantic like Bella Swan? Maybe you're cute and spunky like Alice Cullen. Or you might be the spitting image of Esme Cullen, Rosalie Hale or even Victoria. If you're not sure who your Twilight character match is, take this quiz to find out. We'll take your looks and personality and tell you which Twilight character in Eclipse you're so similar to; you could practically play the part.

Just curious. Are you on Team Edward or Team Jacob? Tell us in the comments!

by Jane Chung
What Twilight Character Are You?
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