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What Type of Sexy Are You?

Uh, YEAH there are different kinds. Take this quiz to discover which one you are

Ladies, answer me this. Have you ever passed a drop-dead gorgeous woman on the street and you just had to stop and stare? (Of course what you're really pretending to do is talk on your phone and look for someone in that general area.) Come on, we've all done it before. But did you know? Someone probably checked you out today too. Yes, you. This might come as a surprise (although it totally shouldn't) but you, my friend, are S-E-X-Y.

Wondering what kind of sexy you are? Answer a few questions about a typical day in the life of YOU, and you'll see exactly what kind of sexy you really are. And if that's not enough to win you over, you'll also discover which celebrity's sexiness you totally channel by taking this quiz and get a couple tips to be even sexier (as if that's possible). Show your friends your results, and watch as they ooh and ahh over how accurate our "sexy-o-meter" is.

by Jane Chung
What Type of Sexy Are You?
Question 1 of 12

Ah, the start of a new day. You open your eyes and hit the snooze button (hey, not all of us are morning people). What are you wearing under the covers?

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