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What's Your Beauty Addiction?

Welcome to the club. Take a seat and answer some questions

Fill in the blank: "My name is ____ and I'm addicted to ____."

You're now a part of Beauty Riot's Beautyholics Anonymous club. It's where you can discuss your latest beauty addictions. Like the fact that you just spent two hours in the lipstick aisle at the drugstore when all you ran in for were some tampons and diet soda. Or maybe you're here to confess that you get a manicure three times a week, simply because you love the way fresh polish feels (and smells, but that's a different kind of addiction -- can't help you much there).

Relax, you can release your grip on that bottle of hairspray. It's not like we're going to force you to give up your beauty stash cold turkey -- or at all. So wipe away those tears (good thing you have seven waterproof mascaras to choose from) and take this quiz to target your biggest beauty addiction. You'll love the payoff -- we won't lecture you on how to become a better person (blah, blah, blah). Instead, since we're not about being all preachy, we'll give you some great tips to make the most of those products you just can't live without.

Why? Because beauty products were meant to be obsessed with. So embrace your beauty addiction and take the quiz. See, being a beautyholic does have its perks. So forget the self-help, just pass the blush already, will you?

by Jane Chung
What's Your Beauty Addiction?
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What is your best physical feature?

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