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What's Your Best Brow Shape?

Take this quiz to see what your ideal eyebrow shape is -- and get at-home eyebrow shaping tips (naturally)

There are two types of people in this world: people who care about their eyebrows and people who just don't understand what the fuss is about. For a long time I was in the later camp; other than mowing down a massive uni-brow I didn't get why anyone would spend time plucking their eyebrows.

The day I made the switch: when my aunt dragged me to the salon, plopped me on the eyebrow waxer's table and let her go to town. When I sat up, disoriented from the semi-kidnapping and squinting from the eyebrow waxing pain, I looked in the mirror and -- I got it. The difference it made in my face was huge. I looked polished, like I spent time putting on makeup even though I hadn't (that was for semi-kidnapping round two). I made a firm switch to "the other side" and never looked back.

Whatever camp you're currently in, this eyebrow shapes quiz is a must-take. Because even if you're a devoted eyebrow plucker or waxer, you still might not know what your perfect shape is. The experts I talked to, Golee Khesti from Ona Spa in Los Angeles and brow specialist Kristie Streicher, say that people often over-pluck or miss the mark on their eyebrow arch.

So just take this quiz and answer a few questions about your current eyebrow situation and we'll hook you up with the eyebrow shape that will completely transform your face (in a good way, obviously). Plus, we'll share tips to get the shape at home -- although our experts do recommend heading to a brow specialist for your first eyebrow shaping experience. They are the professionals after all.

by Sarah Carrillo
What's Your Best Brow Shape?
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How often do you pluck your eyebrows?

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