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What's Your Perfect Mascara?

Volumizing, Curling, Lengthening or all of the above? See which tube will be your match made in lash heaven

Your BFF swears by Maybelline Great Lash, but it gave you tarantula eyes when you tried it. Let's face it; all lashes were not created equal.

So instead of relying on your friends' "OMG, you have to try this mascara, it's soooooo good" claims, why not get a little more scientific? Well, minus the lab coats and beakers, or OK, really anything resembling actual science.

What we're talking about is taking this quiz. Think of it as your lash-o-matic mascara matcher (we're working on getting that trademarked, so no stealsies). We've thought of everything: your lashitude (yes, it's a thing), style and flair for the dramatic, not to mention your skills with a wand.

Put it all together and it spits out the absolute best mascara for you for every occasion, from a casual mall trip to a hot date. Plus, you'll get tips from makeup experts Tamah Krinsky (she coats the lashes on "One Life to Live," so you know she's got the goods on looking super dramatic while crying about your long lost cousin's unsuccessful brain transplant with his evil twin's mistress) and Gita Bass (who makes stars Debra Messing and Minnie Driver have knock out lashes on a regular basis).

What are you waiting for? Let the lash-o-matic (cut us some slack, it's a working title) get cracking on you.

Image: Getty Images

by Robin Immerman Gruen
What's Your Perfect Mascara?
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If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one item, which would it be?

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