Dare: 10 Days of Intern Outfits

It’s official. After all the interviews and emails, I finally snagged my first internship ever. And as if I wasn’t on cloud nine already, I just found out it’s paid too. How many paid internships even exist these days anyway? Uh, none.

Too bad my excitement doesn’t last long. I’m getting drinks with my girlfriends to celebrate when one of them says, “You better not wear those nasty Converses!” She’s joking … I think. But when I look down at my raggedy old sneakers (complete with holes and ripped laces) it hits me — I have no idea what to bring, what to expect, and most importantly what to wear. After all, a work wardrobe can make or break your office reputation, right?

Since I don’t have time to go shopping, I spend the night before my first day staring into the abyss that is my closet. I don’t want to come in looking like I’m clueless (even though Cher is one of my favorite fashionistas). And since I’m the first out of my girlfriends to get a job, I don’t really have anyone to ask for help. Well, there’s my mom, but let’s just say fashion isn’t her thing.

That’s when I realize the only person I can really ask about my work clothing choices is … my boss. Sounds scary, I know. But the option of utter fashion embarrassment is much worse. Here’s what I’m going to do: For the next 10 days, I’m going to take a picture of each outfit I wear to work, and I’ll let my boss weigh in on what she thinks of it.

Wish me luck! Click through to see the clothes for work I put together, and see if I pass the test.