Hairstyles for Fine, Thick Hair

Fine, thick hair seems like a contradictory combination, but for those whose hair falls into both categories, the lack of style options can be frustrating. Keep these tips in mind when thinking about hairstyles for fine, thick hair.

First, let’s talk about what having fine, thick hair means. “Fine” is a term to describe hair that is thin in diameter, which some people confuse with having thin hair. The terms “thick” and “thin” refer to the number of follicles on a head.  So, if you have fine, thick hair, it means that the strands of hair you have are thin, but you have a lot of them.

The good news is that your hair is probably silky and soft to the touch. The bad news is that it’s hard to keep in a style because it’s slippery and doesn’t hold a curl well. It can also fall flat if shaped with the wrong cut. When considering hairstyles for fine, thick hair, there are a few tricks that will keep your hair looking its best.

Those with fine, thick hair should avoid washing their hair. Washing too often will strip your hair of natural oils and cause a loss of volume. Utilize dry shampoo instead. If you want hairstyles for fine, thick hair that add volume, a bob cut will keep the weight of your hair from causing it to go flat. Celebrities are no stranger to the ever-flattering bob — check out these fine bob hairstyles for proof. Avoid layers (unless they’re just face-framing), as they will just thin your hair out. For inspiration, check out our gallery of fine, blunt hairstyles.