Want it, Need it: Cute Sunglasses

Whether you’re spending all day at the pool or keeping a low profile after a particularly, um, long night out at the club, sunglasses are absolute essentials. They protect us from harmful UV rays and they hide the bags under our eyes while we’re nursing a rough hangover. Sunglasses are pretty much the best.

Which is why it’s crucial to make sure they’re cute, right? You might think the only options are either Wayfarers or Aviators, but there are about a zillion different types of cute sunglasses out there, and we’ve rounded up our very favorite picks for the best sunglasses this spring.

We’ve got cat eye, ’70s-inspired, turquoise-colored, heart-shaped…pretty much every style of sunglasses under the bright, shining sun. Plus, all of these shades are wallet-friendly, so if you happen to lose a pair during a beach trip (because, let’s be real, sunglasses are notoriously easy to lose or break), you won’t feel so bad. Just get another cute pair!

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