Rumors surrounding my demise have been mostly false. After a brief sojourn out into a strange world-- a world of big green things, and small fuzzy things, and no wireless fidelity to be found! --I have triumphantly returned, lusting for any sort of contact with the interwebz. Lolcats pictures are making me giggle, I'm posting trolling messages on bulletin boards, and I am even-- yes, it shames me to say this --watching AMVs on youtube.

Hopefully I'll get my electronic addiction back under control, and be at baseline nerdiness once again.

So I'm Kevin. I like to play videogames, and make snarky commentary about said videogames. My general approach to games tends to be a more pragmatic one, eschewing scholarly examinations in favor of simple questions like "is it fun?". When not playing videogames, I tend to browse craigslist in some effort to fill the aching hole in my heart. Thus far, nothing on the "free stuff" section has managed to do it, but I still hold onto hope!