My Little Pony Hair That Washes Right Out

We love the rainbow hair look that’s taken over the red carpet and the runway. And we especially love that getting hot pink streaks or teal ombré doesn’t mean you have to bleach your whole head and use a permanent dye — we have a feeling parents and schools everywhere also love that.

Since it’s no secret that the UK has been ahead on the rainbow hair trend, we talked to Nicole Kahlani, the London based hair and color expert who also works with 5SOS — we’ve got to admit, Michael Clifford has sported some crazy bright colors we wouldn’t mind stealing.

Before you get to coloring, Kahlani breaks down a few rainbow hair basics:

1. Light blonde’s can work with pastel colors, while more gold tones and brunettes should stick to deeper colors (think super bright reds and pinks, Kahlani says).

2. Apply the temporary chalks and sprays in an old tee you don’t mind staining, or use a towel to cover your clothes.

3. Apply color on clean hair so you don’t have to wash it immediately if you want to keep the rainbow hair for a day or two.

4.“Do all your prep and styling first, then sprays and chalks should be applied last,” Kahlani advises because brushing and heat styling removes the color.

5. Always set the color with hairspray to lock it in place for the longest wear possible.

6. For temporary colors that last several washes, use a clarifying shampoo or “dish detergent if you’re in a pinch” to help it fade faster.

Now that you’ve got the basics, grab a girlfriend and get creative incorporating these rainbow colors into all of your favorite hairstyles … and have them washed right out by Monday morning.