Dare: 10 Days of Intern Outfits

Starting your first internship and don't know what to wear? Check out some boss-approved (and rejected) outfits to help you impress the office

job outfit black suit

Day 1: First day jitters

Today’s my first day and I’m really nervous. I want my boss to know I’m taking this internship seriously, so I decide on a professional look. The second I walk through the door, my face turns bright red. From what I can see, the dress code in the office is definitely more trendy and creative than business casual. Which means I’m way too overdressed. Note to self: leave the blazer and pearls at home next time.

Boss says: “Chelsea definitely looks professional, but since she’s working at an editorial internship and not an accounting gig, I’d say to tone it down a bit. Maybe lose the jacket and the pointy heels and swap the pearls with a funkier necklace. The way she’s dressed makes her a little unapproachable, and it completely hides her bubbly personality.”