Dare: 10 Days of Intern Outfits

Starting your first internship and don't know what to wear? Check out some boss-approved (and rejected) outfits to help you impress the office

job outfit maxi skirt

Day 2: Mastering the maxi skirt

After yesterday’s fiasco, I decide to put together something a little more high-fashion. I love wearing color because it definitely makes a statement on its own, so I don’t overdo it with too many accessories or a crazy hairstyle. Instead, I do my hair in a simple ballerina bun and add a long gold necklace with some colored jewels.

Boss says: “This is more office appropriate, and it totally captures Chelsea’s personality, which is youthful, fun, and warm. The long skirt is a great example of how you can be on-trend but still suitable for the office.”