Real Girls Wear: Valentine’s Day Looks

Think Valentine's Day is just a cheesy Hallmark holiday? Fair enough, but the 14th is still a perfect excuse to break out a fun outfit. Dress the part (whether it's for a date or a night with the girls) with these fashion blogger inspirations

Real Girls Wear: Valentine's Day Looks

Confession: I’m not a big romantic. I could care less about red roses, candlelit meals, or cuddling. But before you write me off as an ice queen, let me say, I love Valentine’s Day. Not only do I get to tell everyone how awesome they are (using those ubiquitous pastel hearts), but it’s also a great excuse to dress up — and not necessarily to impress a boy.

I’ve had just as much fun celebrating with my girlfriends, family, or even by myself (“Bridesmaids” DVD? Check.), as I’ve had on any V-day date. But, each situation requires a different look. What works for the fam, isn’t going to work for a night out with my girls. And my casual “spending the night in” outfit won’t do for a (fingers crossed) non-lame date.

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This year, I haven’t actually decided how — or with whom — I’m going to spend the 14th. But that doesn’t mean I’m not prepared. I reached out to some of the top fashion bloggers and asked for their take on the perfect Valentine’s Day look. Some went all out (high heels, jewels, and cocktail dresses), while others kept things homey (tees and denim).

As for what you’re wearing on this day o’ love, at least you just got a whole bunch of new options.

Click here to see our fashion bloggers’ Valentine’s Day outfits.