5 DIY Prom Accessories

Forget the mall. This year, make your own prom accessories. All it takes is a visit to your local craft store, these how-tos, and one afternoon

diy beaded ribbon necklace

Ribbon Necklace Instructions


1. Loop the string back and forth through the two D-rings, until you have the right amount of beads, and the length you’d like. Tie the ends of the strand of beads together to secure the loops.

2. Take a brightly colored ribbon and loop it through the D-ring, and glue it back onto itself. Wait for it to dry. Secure the other side of the ribbon the same way to the other D-ring.

3. Once dry, use another ribbon and tie a big bow on one of the D-rings. You can add multiple layers and make the bow as voluminous as you like.

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