Best Prom Dress for Your Body Type

We know what dress will flatter your figure. All you have to do is follow these rules ... provided by the pros, of course

Prom Dresses for Apple Body Types

Prom Dresses for Apple Body Types

When looking for a dress for an apple body type, aim for one with an empire waist. “Girls with apple shapes look great in solid colored empire waist dresses since they accentuate the bust and then flare out below,” says Rygorsky. And because these dresses have a lot of flowing fabric, Wolford recommends looking for a gown that shows off your shoulders and arms with a strapless neckline.

Some things to steer clear of? Belts that will only bring more attention to your mid-section, and bandage-style dresses that will highlight every curve on your body — even the ones you don’t want to show off, says Cox.

Our prom dress picks for you:

Alexia Admor Shimmer Satin Trapeze Dress with Ruffles, $188: This dress creates a lot of interest in the bust area, while the rest of the fabric falls nicely without clinging to the body.

Ted Baker One Shoulder Maxi Dress, $410.02: The empire waist provides the right amount of coverage for an apple body shape.