12 Ways to Wear a Belt

I’m addicted to accessories. In fact, I love them so much my parents actually built me a bigger closet in high school to specifically house my massive collection of shoes and purses (why, yes, I am spoiled, thanks for noticing). However, belts never ranked high on my list of must-haves.

While I could appreciate their ability to create a waist and play up a girlier shape, embarrassingly, I was never really sure how to wear a belt. Well, not completely. I know how to wear a belt with my jeans — loops, no problem — but not all the other ways to style this accessory. That is, until I met Nadine Silvestre.

Click here for 12 new ways to wear a belt.

Silvestre, a 21-year-old visual communications major from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise (FIDM) and up-and-coming stylist, says, “Belts really add shape to your outfit, which help avoid bulk and create a look that is more visually interesting.” And to prove her point, she put together 12 looks that show off every type of belt you can think of — wide or skinny, loose or cinched, plain or colorful.

After all, Silvestre says that a belt is the perfect universal accessory, great for day or night, at work and on the weekend. She also has a lot of amazing tips and tricks for newbie belt wearers (like me), and even taught me how to incorporate the hottest spring styles into this small fashion fixture. Now, I’m ready to hit the mall and pick up a bunch of my new favorite accessory. Join me, but first, read this.

Click here for 12 new ways to wear a belt.