Music Festival Head-to-Toe Looks

Fact: Summer music festivals are about so much more than just music. Evidence: Coachella begins in just a few days, but all anyone is talking about is what they’re wearing to the big event. Yup — festival hair, makeup, and fashion practically overshadowing the bands on the big stage.

Since there are all kinds of summer festivals, it should come as no surprise that each has its own individual vibe and style. Let’s face it, while one fest’s “unofficial” dress code may require neon face paint and platform combat boots, another festival’s attendees may look at you crossed-eyed if you show up in anything but worn out jeans and a tee.

Click here for the top music festival looks.

With that in mind, we decided to do a fashion and beauty roundup of the top four festivals in the country: Coachella, Burning Man, Bumbershoot, and Bonnaroo. If you’re lucky enough to score some tickets, this guide can serve as your packing list. And even if you can’t get your hands on a few passes, you can still get the look of your favorite festival … which was probably the reason you wanted to go in the first place. (C’mon, admit it!)

Then, tell us: What’s your favorite summer music festival? And what’s the festival look you love the most? Leave your answer in the comment box below.

Click here for the top music festival looks.