Music Festival Head-to-Toe Looks

Let us help you pack for the biggest summer music festivals in the country -- each with its own vibe and style

burning man hair and makeup

Burning Man Hair and Makeup

The makeup and hair at Burning Man is just as outrageous as the fashion. Metallic and brightly-colored eyeshadows and liners are popular, as well as neon or metallic body/face paint. As for hair, feathers are huge, as are elaborate braids, dreads, and twists. However, the one look I really love is the warrior princess ponytail (check out the look here).

To get a warrior princess ponytail:

1. Apply a de-frizzing serum to wet hair and blow dry straight with a large paddle brush.

2. Pull hair tight at the top of your head, leaving one thick piece at the base free. Secure in a high ponytail with an elastic.

3. Wrap the loose lock of hair around the base of the ponytail and secure the end with a bobby pin.

4. Brush a firm hold hairspray over fly-aways. Apply flat iron to ends of hair for an extra-straight look.