Hot Trend: Studs and Spikes

Up until recently I was slightly scared of the studded clothing trend. I veered away from anything that had studs and spikes, because I was afraid I would accidentally injure myself. I can be a little klutzy, and so naturally I don’t really like the idea of wearing a weapon. But once the stud trend started to take off, I quickly realized it’s much more glamorous than it is dangerous (and that most of those spikes have rounded tips, so I can’t really hurt myself too badly).

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Metal hardware is all over the runways, typically in the form of studs, spikes, and grommets. Celebs with an edgy fashion sense like Kristen Stewart and Demi Lovato have been embracing the trend for a while now, but even girls with a softer style, like Diane Kruger, are getting on board.

And the coolest part about this trend: you don’t have to be a tough girl covered in piercings and tattoos to wear studs and spikes. Studs can be uber-edgy, slightly sweet, casual, or dressy, depending on how you play them. To get started, here are some quick tips on wearing studs and spikes without looking like a Hell’s Angel:

1. Go for denim. Leather is the classic tough-girl material, but if you are vegan or don’t like the leather look, denim is just as fabulous when studded.

2. Mix your metallics. There’s a myth out there that you can’t mix metallics, but it’s untrue. Mix silver and gold studs for a cool effect.

3. Toughen up a girly outfit. Studs add an edgy appeal to girly pieces like hair bows, pink pumps, or a chiffon skirt.

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