This Is a Sweatpants-Free Zone: Dressing Casual, Not Sloppy

Casual vs. sloppy: It's a fine line, but you don't want to be stuck on the wrong side. Trust us

Ditch the Wrinkles

Wrinkled clothing is one clear sign that your look is more sloppy than casual cool. As McGary says, “Aim to be polished.” If you’re not a fan of the iron, try to buy clothing made in fabric that doesn’t wrinkle easily, like polyester or denim, suggests Finney. But if you got to have some silk or linen in your wardrobe, McGary recommends Downy Wrinkle Releaser, a spray that relaxes fabric fiber, that she calls “a lifesaver.” And it goes without saying that clothes that look or smell like they’ve been living on your bedroom floor are a no-go.