Fashion Week Shoe Candy

Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 may be all about the clothes, but we can't stop staring at the shoes. See what pumps, wedges, and heels we can't wait to own

Fashion Week Shoe Candy

There are some things that just go together: Peanut butter and jelly, Rocky and Bullwinkle, women and amazingly expensive shoes (or at least, we think they should go together). That’s why New York Fashion Week is the most genius idea ever. Not only do you get to drool over the ridiculously creative clothes, but you can also get a look at the most beautiful shoes ever designed. No surprise, this year did not disappoint.

From sky-high wedges to more wearable pumps, Fashion Week offered up a ton of shoe candy. Right off the bat, we noticed two major trends in footwear. First, metallics practically took over the catwalk. Whether it was an entire shoe in sparkly rose gold or just a touch of silver piping, metal definitely made its presence known.

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The second major trend was the cool mix of edgy and sweet, seen in hardcore mesh shoes decorated with little bows or sparkly psychedelic fabric cut into jagged shapes. Needless to say, we totally fell for this smart and gorgeous juxtaposition. And of course, Fashion Week wouldn’t be Fashion Week without its fair share of shoe craziness, like bondage, beaded heels or ankle breaker sneakers. (These you’ve got to see.)

So, kick off your heels and indulge in a little runway shoe candy. Click below to get started.