Hot Trend: Floral Print

The last time I wore a floral print was in 4th grade. It was a jean jacket and denim skirt combo featuring big white dreamy flowers on a pink background. I loved that outfit … until I got motion sickness on a plane while wearing it. (You can use your imagination as to how that flight ended.) Needless to say, I haven’t worn floral print since … well, until now.

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After seeing tons of amazing floral print clothes and outfits, my resistance to this trend proved futile. (I like flowers, I admit it! I’ll just have to repress my bad plane ride memory.) My first purchase? A floral print dress. But now there’s a new problem. Summer is over. Can you still wear florals in those cooler months?

Of course you can. It just takes a few ready-for-fall tweaks, like adding tights or a cardigan. And if you’re looking for a floral print that’s perfect for the crisp air, go for one with a black background. Dark colors instantly fall-ify any print. And lastly, if you’re not ready to don a head-to-toe floral outfit, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate this trend into your look.

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