Get Mod: ’60s Style

Break out your mini skirt and Go-Go boots, 'cause we're going way back to the swinging '60s

Mini Skirt

You can thank the 1960s for the mini skirt. Before then, hemlines were more demure (knee-length and longer), but the ’60s was all about showing some leg — a notion we can definitely get behind. The key to pulling off a super short skirt is by toning down the rest of your look. Instead of a low cut top, opt for a high-necked blouse, and your heels shouldn’t be more than a couple inches high. That way you still look sexy without veering into way-too-skimpy territory.

Also, if you want your mini skirt to have an ultra-’60s vibe, choose a bold color like tangerine. The ’60s were not about being super subtle, and so bright shades (especially orange) were very in fashion.