Get Mod: ’60s Style

Break out your mini skirt and Go-Go boots, 'cause we're going way back to the swinging '60s

Geometric Nails

While nail art wasn’t big in the 1960s, you can still give your manicure a retro vibe with multi-colored geometric nails. The checkered pattern was huge in the ’60s and is fairly easy to recreate on your nails. Nail expert and Illamasqua Amassador Fleury Rose tells us how to get the look.

1. After applying a base coat, paint nails with two coats of

Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Collide, $14.

2. Once dry, dip a nail art striper brush (or a very thin paintbrush) in Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Velocity, $14, and draw a thin vertical line down the center of each nail.

3. Next, draw a thin horizontal line across the center of each nail. You should now have what looks like a cross on each pink nail.

4. Using a thicker nail art brush (or a thicker paintbrush if you don’t have any nail art tools), very carefully fill in the top left and bottom right square in Velocity. Take your time and stay in the lines.

5. Allow the design to dry about five minutes (be patient!), then finish with a top coat.