Haute Songs: Your Style Soundtrack

I’ve always wished my life had a soundtrack. Maybe I’ve been watching way too much “Glee,” but wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone suddenly burst into song and dance at random moments throughout the day? For example, it would have been perfect if “At Last” by Etta James suddenly filled the air during my first kiss, or “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette was blasting during my last breakup. OK, so maybe this is a tad unrealistic, and my life can’t have its own soundtrack … but at least my style can.

Click here to see (and listen to!) our style soundtrack.

Here’s what I mean: Every style has its own distinct vibe, and so my fellow Beauty Riot editors and I have come up with a playlist that perfectly describes each fashion sense. We all fall into one of the playlist categories (some of us are a little country, others are a little bit rock ‘n roll), and together we handpicked the songs that totally fit every style.

Once you’ve seen your style soundtrack, think about all the awesome things you can do with it. Use it as the perfect party playlist, take it on a road trip, or finally replace all the songs on your iPod that you’re sick of. With seven different themed lists — more than 60 songs total — you’ll have plenty of new stuff to choose from. And it’s cool if you want to stray from your own style. Even if you’re a prepster at heart, we won’t tell if you rock out to the country girl playlist.

Now just plug in your headphones and keep clicking.

*Special thanks to Trish Riswick and Emma Pitters-Fisher for additional playlist contributions.