Movie Closets We’d Love to Raid

Closet Porn: [n.] unbelievably amazing closets that you can’t stop looking at; closets usually packed with fun clothes, shoes, and other fashion must-haves; the viewing of a closet that fills you with happiness … and subsequently, envy.

While you may not have known the official(ish) definition of the term closet porn, there’s no doubt you’ve come across it at one point or another. Closet porn is why you drool every time Carrie Bradshaw gets ready in her galley style closet, or freak out when Cher starts grabbing clothes from her conveyer belt rack. Great closets are fun to look at, even if they only exist in an imaginary universe.

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Sure, you can watch old episodes of “MTV Cribs” or “Keeping up with the Kardashians” to get your fix, but the best closet porn really comes from the movies. Here’s why: Money can’t buy you class … to quote the Countess from “Real Housewives of New York City.” Being rich doesn’t automatically mean good taste — hence the plethora of “Scarface” posters, stripper poles, and gold plated toilets on “Cribs.” BUT, in the movies, closets are constructed by interior decorators and filled by costume designers. They play on your most amazing closet fantasies … in an entirely tasteful way.

If you’re a closet porn addict, get excited. We’re about to show you the best movie closets of all time.