Winter Boot Trends

Everyone loves to rave about the weather in LA. It’s always sunny and 70 degrees, even during the winter months. I actually spent last New Year’s Day hiking in shorts and a tank top. And I can wear flip-flops year round … without looking ridiculous.

But the truth is, I hate my all-sun, all the time forecast. Yup. I would trade this eternal sunshine for four seasons in a heartbeat — the fall chill, piles of snow, damp days, and unexpected weather. (I’m a bit homesick for my east coast roots?)

Or maybe I’m just homesick for non-flip flop fashion — things like wool coats, nubby scarves, and boots. (If you wear boots in LA, expect your legs to sweat — gross.) As I watch the stores fill with boots of all kinds, I’m bummed that I can’t buy the latest styles.

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To solve my boot dilemma, I decided to take some extreme measures. First, I reached out to some of my favorite fashion experts about the top winter boot trends. (Keep clicking for their awesome recommendations.) Then, I went boot shopping, which was every bit as blissful as I hoped it would be.

And you know what? I got home, cranked up my AC until my apartment was a chilly 50 degrees, put on “Little Women” (hello, snowy scenes), and popped open a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. When I was good and cold, I put on a warm sweater and my new boots. Sure, I can only wear them around the house, but it’s a start.

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