Glitz Blitz: Sparkles and Sequins

I like to think of myself as relatively sophisticated (I’ll choose a good book over a “Real Housewives” marathon any day), but I’ll be the first to admit that I am oh-so-easily distracted by anything shiny. Put a glittery dress in front of me, and suddenly I dissolve into a puddle of “oohs and ahhs.” I can’t help it. When it comes to sparkles and sequins, I’m blinded by the light.

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But as much as I love the sparkle and sequin trend, I definitely don’t want to look like a human disco ball. Too much shine, and that can easily happen. So I called on celebrity fashion stylist Keylee Sanders. A self-declared lover of all things sparkly, she gave me a few pointers on how to inject some glitz into my wardrobe without going overboard:

A little goes a long way. You don’t need a ton of sparkle to make a statement. If your outfit is plain, accessorize with a sequin purse or a pair of glittery heels.

Keep it classy. When wearing a glitter or sequin dress, make sure that it’s not too short, tight, or low-cut.

Sequins can be office appropriate … during the holidays, that is. A black sequin blazer is a perfect piece for your office holiday cocktail party.

If sequins simply aren’t your thing, no worries. You can still work some shine into your look by trying out a sparkly beauty trend like glitter nail polish or eyeshadow.

Now that you know how to pull off sequins without looking like a pageant queen, consider this the perfect excuse to indulge your inner glamour girl and pour over some glittery fashion trends. Plus, we’re entering into the season of sequins — aka the holidays — so start gathering some ideas now for all the festive celebrations on your horizon. From silver sequin blazers to glitter eyeshadow, if it sparkles it’s probably in our giant glitz bonanza.