Gift Ideas for Our Fave Celebs

The holidays have a pretty fabulous reputation; you’d have to be a real Debbie Downer to take issue with the most wonderful time of the year, but there is one particular part of the season that always gives us a major headache: the shopping. Every single year we leave it to the last minute and end up getting our brother a Toblerone chocolate bar at the airport gift shop. (Sorry bro.)

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So here at Beauty Riot we thought we’d make the whole stressful holiday shopping process a lot more fun, and we’ve created a list of all the presents we’d buy for celebrities. Don’t worry, we’re not living in a delusional fantasyland and actually think we’re dating Ryan Gosling. But we’ve come up with a bunch of awesome stuff we’d get him if we did know him.

And if you’re like us and (sadly) aren’t dating Ryan Gosling and aren’t BFFs with Taylor Swift, you can still use our celebrity gift guide to get inspiration when out shopping for your real-life boyfriend or best friend. And who knows? Maybe you actually do know Ryan Gosling. Hey, all things are possible. In which case, please let us know how he likes his presents.

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