Gift Ideas for Our Fave Celebs

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart has perfected the “I just rolled out of bed, but I still look good” look. So we’d get her another gray hoodie and knitted beanie to add to her impressive collection. She’s been known to wear Converses with dresses, so we’d buy her a pair of shimmery Chuck Taylors that would actually look cute on the red carpet. And even though Kristen prefers ripped jeans and slouchy tees, she cleans up real nice. So we’d get her a fancy bath kit. Check out the rest of our list for Kristen:

Chuck Taylors, $65

Knit Beanie, $20

Destroyed Designer Denim, $298

Soap & Glory You Do the Bath Kit, $16

Gray Hoodie, $48

Bowie Concert Tee, $65