Meow! We’re Going Cat Lady Chic

When you hear the term “cat lady,” what comes to mind? A woman in a bathrobe, hair up in curlers, beckoning to her 40 feral cats with a can of tuna, perhaps? Cat ladies get a pretty bad rap and aren’t exactly known for their stellar fashion sense. Throughout the years, “cat lady” has become synonymous with frumpy spinster. But we say just because you’ve got a soft spot for cats doesn’t mean you can’t have a fabulous sense of style.

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These days, it’s cool to be a cat lady. More and more fashion designers are embracing their inner feline and designing cat-themed clothes. And we’re not surprised; whether Persian or Siamese, there’s something inherently chic about cats. Maybe it’s their aloof, too-cool-for-school attitude, but cats have a distinctly high fashion vibe.

So, in honor of the fashionable cat, we’ve rounded up the cattiest cat fashion out there. From kitten cocktail dresses to cat pants, we’ve got everything from the downright adorable to the semi-freaky. You’ll have to be a true, purebred cat lady to rock some of this stuff. Keep clicking to see what we mean …

Oh, and sorry dog people. This is a feline-only fashion roundup.