6 Spring Jewelry Pieces You Have to Own

We all know accessories can make or break an outfit, and I’ve been known to take this truism to the extreme. Monster-size fake jewels? Bring ’em. Sparkly diamonds mixed with ribbons and faux-gold skeletons? My jewelry box is filled with all kinds of statement jewelry I’ve snatched up at Forever 21 and H&M over the years.

But lately, I’m feeling like I’ve gotten caught up in the statement jewelry trend and have been using it as a style crutch. Wearing my go-to LBD to work again? I’ll throw on a statement necklace. Need my jeans-and-tee combo to look as if put in a little effort that morning? I just layer on a colorful bib necklace.

And while that was all good for the last couple of years, let’s be honest: It’s now 2013 and the statement necklace is as overplayed as “Call Me Maybe.” It’s definitely time for a new spring jewelry look — but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch your head-turning accessories.

So what’s the new statement necklace? There’s a slew of trendy, attention-grabbing baubles to choose from that’ll help you update your look instantly (and on the cheap). From oversized drop earrings to animal bangles to jumbo pendants, these are the spring jewelry picks I’m on the hunt for right now. And thanks to so many options, I’m thinking I won’t even notice my statement necklaces collecting dust on my dresser.

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