Festival Fashion You’ll Wear All Spring

This year I am missing my favorite music festival — South by Southwest. I have to work, airfare from Los Angeles to Austin, Texas, was depressingly high, the list of my sad excuses goes on. Right now, I should be organizing my outfits, combing my closet for all my boho best.

But just because I won’t be rocking out to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs live in concert doesn’t mean I still can’t dress the part. Music festival fashion has that indie, flower child vibe that’s perfect for springtime. These festivals are even a great excuse to take fashion to the extreme and wear nothing but a crochet bikini top and fringed suede shorts.

The problem with those types of hippy-dippy outfits, of course, is that they only really work in an outdoor music festival setting. Wear that crochet bikini top and fringed shorts on a regular Saturday and it just looks like you missed the memo and thought there was a costume party somewhere. So I’ve come up with my eight favorite music festival looks that you’ll want to wear long after the closing act.

And even if you’re not into the whole music festival thing, and you’re scratching your head thinking, Coachella-what? Bonnaroo-who? Lollapalooza-excuse me? you’ll still love upgrading your wardrobe for spring with these fresh, festival-chic outfits.