How to Shop at Forever 21 Like a Pro

Sometimes Forever 21 can feel more like a lawless jungle than a discount fashion store. Take a deep breath and follow these tips for how to shop Forever 21 like a professional stylist

forever 21 displays

Make a Beeline for the Front Displays

As soon as you’ve made it past the glass double doors, tap into your tunnel vision and head straight for the front displays. The further into the store you go, the more chaotic it becomes. Have you ever noticed as soon as you walk past the greeters, suddenly you see clothes falling off hangers and piles of unfolded jeans on the tables? That’s because more time is spent tidying the front, so shop the front displays first and avoid the stress that comes with seeing clothes everywhere.

“Plus, the most standout pieces will be on display, so shopping in the front is a great way to see the best pieces,” says stylist Keylee Sanders.

But consider yourself warned: Forever 21 is notorious for having strict rules about mannequins. Associates are instructed to never take anything off the display mannequins for you, ever. So look to them only for inspiration.