How to Shop at Forever 21 Like a Pro

Sometimes Forever 21 can feel more like a lawless jungle than a discount fashion store. Take a deep breath and follow these tips for how to shop Forever 21 like a professional stylist

forever 21 jewelry

Go for Jewelry, Skip the Handbags

Once you’re satisfied with the clothes you’ve chosen, hit the jewelry section. While it can be tempting to snatch up those $2.99 necklaces and earrings with abandon, remember this isn’t exactly Tiffany’s.

“Double check that no stones are missing or color is chipped from anything you are buying,” says Sanders. “I would also avoid the rings, since any ring with a stretchy or adjustable size is a sure sign it’s cheap. And there’s also a bigger chance of it irritating your skin.”

Something all the pros I spoke to said to skip? The handbags. “They rarely are good quality,” says Sanders. Think about it: If the clasp on your necklace breaks, big deal. But if the bottom of your purse falls out, you lose your wallet, your phone, your identity. Yikes.