How to Shop at Forever 21 Like a Pro

Sometimes Forever 21 can feel more like a lawless jungle than a discount fashion store. Take a deep breath and follow these tips for how to shop Forever 21 like a professional stylist

The Fabric Quality Is Better Than You Think

Yeah, Forever 21 is cheap. You’re not going to find any silk or cashmere here. But know that there are some hidden gems that’ll last beyond one season. “Synthetic fabrics tend to fray or shrink, making long-term use impossible,” says Sanders. “But I find the capsule collections to be the best quality with the most natural fabrics.”

So, weed through the polyester and rayon stuff and try to find the fabrics with high percentages of cotton. For example, pieces made of 100 percent cotton, like these

button tab shorts, are going last a lot longer than something like this geometric top, which is made entirely of synthetic fabric.