Crop it Like it’s Hot

The crop top used to be a somewhat scandalous item of clothing, associated with Madonna’s ’80s gear, and later, Britney Spears’ (cough, slutty) schoolgirl outfits. It was something only fashion risk takers would dare to wear in real life.

But today’s crop of crop tops are almost sophisticated … and they’re popping up on nearly everyone in Hollywood.

Take Diane Kruger for instance — an actress so chic she has even earned high praise from Karl Lagerfeld himself. Recently, she was spotted in a sweet, tailored crop top with a red leather high-waisted pencil skirt. The definition of daytime elegance.

Then there’s Miley Cyrus, who’s pretty much adopted a crop-top only uniform to flaunt her fab figure. Miley’s take on the crop top is a little more hipster and youthful — perfect for bopping around downtown and looking cool at concerts.

And then there’s Jennifer Lopez. No stranger to all kinds of ab-flaunting styles, Jennifer has been a fan of the crop top since her Fly Girl days on “In Living Color.” Yet even at 40-something, she can still pull off the look in a way that doesn’t make her look like a mom who’s trying too hard.

As these stars prove, anyone can wear crop tops — no matter your style or body type. Not convinced? Keep reading to find a crop top you’re going to want to buy.