5 Classy Shredded Styles to Try

Think ripped up clothes are sloppy and grungy? You'll reconsider once you see these tattered (but tasteful!) shredded styles

5 Classy Shredded Styles to Try

Fashion is all about taking risks, but there are some trends that just sound scary. Case in point: shredding.

I used to think the only things that should be shredded are important documents and old bills. Not my sweater or jeans. I didn’t think it was possible to walk around with holes in your clothes without looking like a hot mess. But … I was wrong.

Turns out, shredded fashion has been evolving ever since it made waves a few years back during a New York Fashion Week Rodarte show. The style was a bit darker and grungier then, but now the shredded trend has become classier. It’s about being edgy and demure at the same time.

Now, I’m hooked. Even shredded style icons like Miley Cyrus and Ashlee Simpson are proof that the trend can be classy. The key is to find pieces that have shredded designs placed strategically and thoughtfully. So, instead of looking like you got in a literal catfight, you actually look pulled together and fashionable.

The best part? These pieces work for any girl test-driving shredded style. Whether it’s with a pair of light-wash denim or a bold accessory, these spring looks will take your style to the edge — tastefully.

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