Top 10 TV Fashionistas

With "Gossip Girl" over, it's time for new small screen fashion queens to reign supreme. Here's our countdown of the most stylish characters on TV right now

Top 10 TV Fashionistas

I blinked back tears this past December when Serena’s boots and Blair’s headbands made their last appearance on TV. The series finale of “Gossip Girl” in December marked the end of a glorious era — television fashion at its finest (second to “Sex and the City,” of course). Even when the plot turned into a nauseating disaster, S and B were still parading around in couture outfits each week, which was enough to keep me glued to my seat.

So with the demise of the best television fashion, I needed a new small screen style fix. Obviously, this was a grueling task — hours and hours spent watching “Pretty Little Liars,” “Downton Abbey,” “Mad Men,” “Girls,” “Hart of Dixie,” “New Girl,” and more. I still haven’t found the perfect TV fashionista replacement, but I have found some leading ladies that come pretty darn close.

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So what makes a TV character a “fashionista”? My rating scale is based on commitment to a trademark look and consistency of excellence each week. We can’t all be Manhattan trust fund babes, so I’ve included characters with a range of unique styles, eras, locations, and budgets. Read ahead to see my top 10 TV style inspirations — and maybe pick up a good (err…guilty pleasure) show to watch, too.