Want It, Need It: Cute Gym Gear

I’ll be honest: If I could live in my gym clothes, I would. But not for the reason you might be thinking. Sure, they’re comfy — but so are my jeans that I wear on a pretty regular basis. Truth is, when I’m wearing a sweat-wicking racer-back tank or high-endurance spandex pants, I feel super confident (no matter where I am, I think “Yes, I work out, and you? Plus, they give me instant workout motivation, and anything that gets me off my butt is a special kind of love in my book.

Still, looking great is only part of the package. The best workout gear has to be able to withstand a tough workout. So I’ve rounded up the best functional and fashionable workout clothes that will keep you looking fab from the treadmill to your coffee date.

Bonus: Not only will these gym clothes make you feel like you can take on the world — or at least that spin class you were roped into signing up for — they’re pieces you can wear IRL (read: not at the gym). Next thing you know, people will assume you’re just a super stylish gal on your way to work out after you grab brunch or hit the grocery store. Joke’s on them.

So for your next gym sesh, ditch the ratty T-shirt and go for one of these trend-worthy picks. With pieces $100 or less, I guarantee there’s something for everyone.