Editor’s Picks: Our Perfect Summer Outfits

Dresses and shorts and rompers, oh my! We asked our editors to put together their perfect hot-weather outfit

Fit ‘n’ “Flair”

Emily, Assistant Editor

The Key Piece:

Lilly Pulitzer Ollie Fit and Flare Dress

I’m a Florida girl, so Lilly Pulitzer is a go-to for summer dresses for me. I have about a million weddings to attend this summer (also in Florida), and the organza stripes dress it up enough to be summer wedding appropriate.

August Hats Classical Toyo Floppy Hat

Come summer, all of my freckles come out of hiding. I try to keep them minimal by shading them with a cute floppy hat.

Banana Republic Kissing Animal Bracelet

I’m a sucker for all things gator related, since it’s the mascot of my alma mater.

Garrett Leight Angelus Sunglasses in Butterscotch

I’ve finally learned that if I spend a little more on sunglasses, I’m way less likely to lose or break them. I’m in love with the way these nail the understated cat eye and the retro butterscotch color.

Amarte Natural Finish BB Cream Natural Tint

This. I’ve finally found it. I love this BB cream, and I don’t think I’ll ever find another to match the way it perfectly blends into my skin. It makes me look glow-y without containing actual glitter.

MAC Lavender Whip Lipstick

It’s too early to tell if this will be the summer of the orange or lavender lip, but I’m going with lavender, since all shades of orange look hideous on me.

TanOrganic Certified Organic Self Tan

I’m incredibly pale, and this is one of the only self-tanners that checks out with me ingredient-wise. It’s also easy to use and builds a gradual tan, so my reflective skin doesn’t look too streaky if I miss a spot.