Gwen Stefani: Style Evolution

Quirky, tough, cartoony, or all out fashionista: welcome to the style craziness that is Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani: Style Evolution

Remember when No Doubt first became big? Lead singer Gwen Stefani was rocking multi-colored hair, cra-azy makeup and a kind of retro-punk wardrobe that made some of us drool, and a lot of us thinking “huh?”

Cut to now, and Gwen Stefani still has her edge — but now she also has a ton more sophistication. And, uh, her own fashion line L.A.M.B. in case you’ve been living under a rock. Could any of us have predicted that when she was belting out “Don’t Speak”? Prooobbbably not.

The exception? Celebrity fashion stylist Phillip Bloch, who says “[Gwen Stefani] has an innate fashion sense, so it’s no fluke that she started designing bags and clothes under her own label.” OK, mister smarty-pants.

To learn more about how Gwen Stefani made the celebrity style evolution from wacky ska singer to fashion-forward designer, we talked to Bloch and makeup and hair experts Troy Surratt and Ryan Cotton. They shared insider secrets on Gwen Stefani’s style, plus tips to make some of her looks work for you. Who knows, maybe there’s a California punk rocker inside you, just waiting to get out. (Are you laughing right now? Fine. Then maybe there’s a high-fashion label connoisseur inside you just waiting to get out. Better?)

Image: Getty Images